Follow step by step :how to update plex on freenas


Are you working on Plex Media Server on FreeNAS as a plugin, However, don’t like ready for the updates from FreeNAS?
PMS Updater for FreeNAS is strictly what you want! Do you how to update plex on FreeNAS? today I am going to show you how to update plex on FreeNAS in free and so easily.

PMS_Updated lets you replace the FreeNAS. Plex set up from CLI without ready for the plugin updates from the devs, the updater will connect with your specified jail, obtain the newest model of Plex and run the replacement if wanted.

To take action, first, we have to both enter our FreeNAS console or log in by way of SSH. (for Home windows customers, take a look at Putty)
As soon as logged into your FreeNAS server. You have need take decide what Jail quantity your Plex server is put in, to take action executes the next JLS

Follow step by step: how to update plex on FreeNAS:

The iocage prison trail has modified to FRANCIS 11.3. But the directions are the same as they were in FreeNAS 11.2.

  1. Get the most recent Plex Replace through Plex Dashboard Hyperlink.
  2. Extract the file twice so folders could be accessed
  3.  Rename folder plexmediaserver. For Plex Go Subscribers, rename plexmediaserver-plexpass.
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how to update plex on freenas

4. Stop the present Plex Jail
5. Click and Open WinSCP and login to FreeNAS and browse to: /mnt/FreeNAS/iocage/jails/plexpass/root/usr/local/share
6. Rename the present plexmediaserver folder and add _old at the finish
7. Copy the plexmediaserver folder you downloaded into the WinSCP window.

Follow the photos if you fix how to update plex on freenas

8. Now Right-Click on the copied folder (Ctrl+C) and set permissions recursively to 0775.
9. Then Open the plexmediaserver folder and Choose the file Plex Media Server.
10. Click on New – Link

11. Identify the link Plex_Media_Server and click on OK
12. Click on the Link you make and choose the Console Button
13. Now Enter the command: chmod -h  775 Plex_Media_Server


If there are any updates out there they are going to be put in automatically. After any upgrade to your Plex Media Server package deal you need to restart Plex media server service with the next in your improvement to take impact:

# service plexmediaserver restart

Please comment us for you any kind of service problems. we can solve it if you need.

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