How to Access Local Files on Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service available on mobile devices, personal computers, and several intelligent speakers. Moreover, it lets you listen to the songs you love, discover new music, and create your playlists.

Furthermore, if you’re a Spotify user, it’s a good idea to know how to access local files on Spotify. In addition, Spotify has enabled users to play local files from their computer, phone, or tablet directly from the desktop application with its latest update. But do you know how? This guide will help you set up your device to play local files on Spotify using your favorite browser.

Are you looking for a way to listen to local files on Spotify?How to Access Local Files on Spotify

First, you should know that three different ways are available to listen to music stored locally or in a Dropbox folder. Moreover, let me briefly show how can these files be played back by playing them through the app:

Looking at all three methods, here is what they do under the development stage:

  • Audio files stored locally on the phone or the computer are played back through Spotify on your favorite devices.
  • SoundCloud tracks ripped from CDs or the files downloaded on first-generation PCs, laptops, and Macs. But these machines still require an office suite for playing it back with a 100% success rate.
  • The public folder in Dropbox can help users listen to their favorite tracks by not having to enter an ID number each time they want it played back again. It is called streaming music and saves them from inputting IDs every time they listen so that each song plays right. Moreover, by default, these media files have a connection with your music database’s download location in Dropbox on Spotify. In addition, this option is already available for people who have rooted smartphones or computers to explore any folder used by the Spotify app while being connected through the internet.


  1. Can you play these local files on your computer without unpacking them first?

Playing files already in the compressed phase using the tar command is not possible without unpacking.

  1. What devices will allow you to listen to these audio files on Spotify?

Streaming services are dependent on streaming devices or apps to play these audio files. The device you need for your situation may vary.

  1. How do music files in your Dropbox folder play back with this method?

Music files in your Dropbox folder will play through your online music service like Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Radio, or Google Play Music.

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