How to Add Local Files to Spotify Mobile?

Spotify is an excellent music streaming app that lets you listen to any song or album that you want. Moreover, there are times when you may have local files that you need to add to your Spotify library. In addition, Spotify mobile app doesn’t allow you to add local files to playlists.

Furthermore, it may be a reason for missing your favorite artist’s song, but it can also be an inconvenience if you are traveling and want to access some tunes on your phone. Well, you can add local files to Spotify on your smartphone for free! Here are the steps you need to follow.

Are you looking for a simple way to add local files on Spotify?How to Add Local Files to Spotify Mobile

The easiest way to add your local music is by dropping a folder on Spotify. To do this, search for “Add Folder” in the dropdown. You can now choose from your cloud-based library or from a folder you have added next to the search bar. Moreover, if you need to remove the files you have added by this process, open Spotify, go to Settings > Library (make sure your device is connected), and delete the items.

In addition, there are also third-party apps that let you directly add local music or app links on Spotify for free!

Now you might be thinking about how Does Dropbox Works? Also, are they Safe?

The Dropbox app is a perfect example of an open-source web application. Furthermore, the main feature of this service allows you to save and share files on your computer using the simple installation process (no previous experience required).

Also, the primary purpose of this service is for sharing and synchronization among mobile devices, Windows PC, or Mac OS X users. In contrast, do note that Dropbox has other options relevant to its ecosystem, which are manageable through different services as per the requirements of the work.

So, add your files to Spotify mobile and enjoy!


  1. How can you remove local files added via this process?

To remove the local files, search for the respective filename in your computer, right-click it, and select delete.

  1. Can you share locally-added songs with your friends on Spotify?

Yes, you can share it with your friends on Spotify.

  1. Does Spotify have a mobile app for iOS devices?

Yes, Spotify offers the Spotify app for the iPhone and iPad. Individual apps for Android, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, and many more.

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