How to Burn a DVD with Windows Media Player

Windows Media Center is unique in the structures of Windows that you canister practice to burn DVD. WMC usages the Windows DVD creator train to injury DVDs then CDs, but it fixes it after the Media focal point border.

Don’t imagine whatever too urbane, but you canister it to burn a DVD with your WMP distance.

Windows Media Player is especially valuable if you are trapped with endangered WTV records. Windows Media Player is the top way to burn a DVD.

So let’s see how to burn a DVD with a windows media player?

How to Burn a DVD with Windows Media Player

Press the computer Start key and press All Programs. Roll up and press “Windows Media Player” to take off the package.

Press on Burn key on the WMP and tap on Data DVD. This menu will permit you to burn DVD discs.

How to Burn a DVD with Windows Media Player

Insert a total DVD CD into the DVD ROM energy and go off “Autoplay” when it seems. Windows Media Player resolve routinely knows the DVD album.

Press “Rich Tilt Pane” if essential to eliminate before burned records. Trace the records you famine to burn in the Windows Media Player archive.

Create a novel burn tilt by slow stuff from the account pane to the tilt pane.

Drag objects up and depressed the slant pane if you poverty to alteration the instruction in which they resolve to be kept on the DVD CD.

To erase an article from the injury tilt, right press on it and press “Remove from tilt“.

How to Burn a DVD with Windows Media Player

Press Jump burns when you are content with the tilt. Liable on the number of records burning and how large they are.


Hope now you can easily burn DVD with WMP. If you face any problem then tell us in the comment section.

We will try to answer your question soon.

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