How to Change the Playlist Cover on Spotify iPhone?

Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service. It allows users to access music from anywhere globally, on any device. It also has a wide range of features to create your playlists, including cover art, genres, and songs. The app can be downloaded free of cost for both Android and iOS devices.

In addition, Spotify has many valuable features and designs for low-bit rate audio streaming. It has a wide range of options, and it can even export your playlist to your iPod or mp3 player. It makes this music app perfect for older people living with hearing loss.

Do you know how to change the playlist cover on Spotify iPhone?How to Change the Playlist Cover on Spotify iPhone

This article will show you how to do it and instructions on accessing the feature.

You can change the cover image of the Spotify playlist on your iPhone by tapping once on the artwork.

To change the cover artwork of the Spotify playlist on your iPhone, first, go to either My Music or Playlists from the left-tapped screen. Furthermore, tap onto a playlist with artwork (created by an artist or another person).

By clicking on one of the playlists, tap again onto any spot where you see an image. Afterward, type in what you wish to put there; for instance, you could click and type “she loves me” or even go with Alice in Wonderland.

You can put any text that you’d like on the playlist cover art. A good idea would be to add a favorite quote, book title, song lyrics of your choice, and there are unlimited possibilities!

You can also pick a photograph you’ve taken or downloaded from wherever music is. Now, suppose you go back to the Playlists screen and select one of your newly chosen playlists. In that case, there will be a minor artwork feature next to each title that enables you to edit.

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You can change any images on your playlist using the above instructions.


  1. How much does Spotify charge from iPhone users per month?

Spotify has been steadily growing for years, and it starts at $0.99 per month for those who sign up with an Apple ID credit card.

  1. Why is spot ink helpful?

Spot link integrates Spotify’s entire library of songs and syncs the music from your old iPhone with any supported music player.

  1. How does one set up SpotLink sync with iTunes on MacOSX?

Open “Spotify iPhone” & Sync your playlists to an iDevice; SSH will facilitate the synchronization process.

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