How to Fix VLC Always on Top Not Working

To fix VLC always on top not working problem. Once you play a film, VLC routinely allows you to continue on top for tapes.

When you look out a show and you liftoff extra database, that package can shelter the whole shade of the CPU.

But in spite of continually being on top, you won’t be worried by your film because it quiet be showed on the shade.

This technique saves your time and you can see the video without any problem. If you really want to fix this problem, here are the steps to follow.

How to Fix VLC Always on Top Not Working

First, start the VLC Player on your device.

How to Fix VLC Always on Top Not Working

Then open menu option and press the Tools key and select Preference.

Just wait a few seconds the new windows come up and you just click the Video icon.

How to Fix VLC Always on Top Not Working

The video windows appear Enable Video. After enable this check the Always on top box. Checking the box press the Save button.

All tapes played with VLC Entertainer will routinely be continually on top. Thanks for knowledge this, I optimism you’ve been bright to routinely set all tapes played with VLC to continually be on top.

Final Words

Hope this ultimate guide helps you to solve your problem. If you have face any problem solving this problem feel free to tel us.


Why is VLC not working?

This can be a common problem – as relaxed as sendoff and resuming the VLC. Other shared replay subjects with VLC may be owing to annoying to play your favored settings not currently installed on your player.

Why does my VLC keep freezing?

HD film freezes rare edges and ducks when the audial is entirely useful. The film may attitude silently for a rare flash and then ring over the equal point.

You need to store the film in the actor while live VLC. We can surge the hoard to safeguard that tapes run easily.

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