How to Fix VLC Your Input Can’t be Opened

Your VLC input can’t be opened is one of the great problems, when they try to stream a video or play a YouTube video.

When people enter a URL for a YouTube film, an error memo pops up stating your input cannot be opened.

As a result, users will not be able to play videos stored on their HDD. If the same error message is up for you in VLC, check out some probable alterations for it below.

How to Fix VLC Your Input Can’t be Opened

Several things, counting a broken link in the video, can create this problem in VLC. Here we gather a few things that should help to fix your problem.

Let’s check it out.

Guide 1: Reset Preferences

Resetting imports is a pretty easy way to fix the problem. Several users have reported that it functioned for them in their condition.

Note that all VLC settings that you have changed will be reset and you will need to make the changes that you made after installing the program.

Follow the stages below.

First, open the VLC player on your computer. Then click the Tool menu at the top and also choose Preferences. To open this you can use Ctrl + P key.

At the bottom of the Preferences window that appears. You can click Reset Preferences and settle the discourse that will ask you to settle your choice.

Check if the “Your input cannot be opened” error memo still occurs.

Guide 2: Turn Off the Windows Firewalls

First press the Windows taskbar and search Control Panel. Just press the control panel option.

After that you can see the menu here you find the Windows Firewall menu. Just open windows firewall.

Click Turn Windows Firewall on or off open the options.

Select both off Windows firewall options. After that click the OK button.

If it fixes that your effort error can’t be opened, Windows Firewall is maybe delaying VLC.

To add VLC to an exclusions list, enter Windows Firewall in Cortana and select Allow an application through Windows Firewall.

Press the Change Settings key.

Scroll to VLC in the list of applications and choice all its checkboxes if they are not certain. Press the OK key to close the window.

Tips to Avoid VLC Your input Can’t be Opened

Open healthy MRL and video or audio file links using VLC. If the source is not good you will end up with corrupt shapes due to viruses.

Update connected drivers and Windows from time to time to avoid any troublesome setting. Update your VLC steamer to the latest form,

Remember, do not force to open files that are not well-matched with VLC Media Player.

Final Words

Hopefully, you will be able to open your input on the VLC player. Our set approaches have been verified by our expert team.

So, let us know if you encounter any problems while applying. Also, if you have any suggestions or better work, please refer to the comments section below.

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