Easy Ways: How to install Plex on wd my cloud?

Western digital’s “my cloud Home” is an android-based operating system that makes a pre-installed Plex server to transform the same into a media center. Those who want to know how to install Plex on wd my cloud should get ideas from technical experts and other sources to make the job a simple one.

It is important to learn about running Plex media on a My cloud device that will help get the desired outputs.

Tips on how to install Plex on wd my cloud

Tips on how to install Plex on wd my cloud

1. Checking the local area network (LAN)

While installing Plex on wd my cloud, users should make ensure that they use the same network and subnet. Moreover, a valid Plex account is necessary to perform the activity with ease.

2. Enabling Plex media server

The second step on how to install Plex on wd cloud is enabling the Plex media server on My Cloud Home by entering the services section of the device. A user should now select the Plex service entry and he/she should enable it immediately.

In the next step, one should use the configuration button to launch the Plex web app after installing and running the plex media server.

3. Creating file locations

In the third step, users should consider creating file locations to access videos and other things with high efficiency. They can find subfolders inside the Plex folder which correspond to the different library types.

This, in turn, gives ways to create file locations automatically that Plex supports. The subfolders will store the libraries that are looking for media.

4. Moving the media content

The final step is moving the media content to the appropriate subfolder. For instance, users can put movies in the shared movies subfolder when placing TV content in Shared TV shows to access them easily. Following the above steps will help a lot to overcome problems in the installation process.

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