How to Make Spotify Default Music Player on iPhone?

Streaming music services like Spotify and Apple Music have become one of the most popular ways to listen to Music. The number of songs we can access is rapidly increasing, and there are so many more than ten years ago.

There are so many different ways you can stream your favorite tracks. For example, using other streaming apps or downloading them on your smartphone or computer can be an effective way of listening to Music.

You probably noticed that whenever you connect your phone to a computer, it appears as an external drive. What can you do to get Spotify to be your default music player?

Do you know how to make Spotify a default music player on iPhone?How to Make Spotify Default Music Player on iPhone

Most people use Spotify on the web, but the app is by default present on some iPhone models.

If you want to set it as your default music player, go to Settings -> Music -> Choose Default Music Player under the My Library tab.

As Apple clearly states, this will not change your iPhone/iPad’s settings. That is to say; it won’t turn Spotify into an app on its own even though it works as one now. This tweak only changes the Music when you plug in your devices via USB or Bluetooth headphones or car speakers that support AirPlay 2 technology. For iPhone X, 8 Plus, and newer models only.

How to Change Default Music Player on iPad? Starting from iOS 10, Apple made a profound change in how all apps used the default music player setting. The app will now launch whenever you connect your operator, whether AirPlay 2-enabled HDMI cable or Lightning headphones with mic.

On previous versions of iOS, the user can choose what they want as their preferred music player, but the default option is Apple Music at the time of purchase.


  1. Where can you find your iPhone’s settings?

You can find the settings page in the Dock, and when unlocked by swiping left on any home screen. You can have this at Settings > General.

  1. Why does iOS 10 allow specific devices to launch the app by default?

With time, Apple makes it easier for its users to launch the app with just a few simple clicks.

  1. What is the name of the default music player on the iPhone?

When you buy it, the default music player presents on iPhone is called Apple Music.

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