How to Rotate a QuickTime Video

Although there are many video excision applications feast across the web universal, lone a scarce of them are talented of breaching the ice.

For example, this kind of software is needed to play a QuickTime film on PC and Mac. This was essential because the film was a gunshot while landing the headset vertically.

The feature ratio of a handset screen is typically 9×16, while a widescreen PC display habits a 16×9 facet relation which can occasionally battle with dissimilar videos.

How do I rotate a QuickTime video? This specific tricky can be simply resolved by third-bash video excision software. As a result, you can simply replace any kind of QuickTime film in a fair a few instants.

So let’s go.

How to Rotate a QuickTime Video

QuickTime is an allowed tool that is pre-installed on Mac. You’ve possibly previously cast-off it to record your shade on your computer.

Here is the way to rotate a QuickTime video.

First, explore QuickTime, then tap on the File option from the menu. Choice Open File to explore the video you desire to rotate by QuickTime.

How to Rotate a QuickTime Video

After an open, the video in QuickTime tap on the Edit option then choose Switch Right or Rotate Left from the down menu.

How to Rotate a QuickTime Video

You can too opposite the film if you wish. To casual the video, fair select Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical from the similar menu.

Once it is done now you can save the movie in this approach on your mac. Tap on the File option then chooses Export as and lastly pick the right resolution.

You can transfer video in 480p or 720p.

How to Rotate a QuickTime Video

You can arrive at a title for your video by Export as the effort field and before selecting where you famine to save your cinematic. Tap on the Save key to save the video.

It’s all done. Hope this guide is helpful for you. If you have any questions or problems then tell us in the comment section.

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