How to See Most Played Song on Spotify?

What do you think is the most played song on Spotify? Are you curious about the type of music that gets listened to most? How many views a particular piece of music has? We have created a simple way to check what is playing on Spotify to find out.

Spotify has many exciting features, and one of them is its ability to show the most played song on a specific playlist. Spotify has made its name for playing the most popular songs, even when you don’t have a premium subscription.

After reading this article you will be able to see the most played song on Spotify.

Do you know how to see the most played song on Spotify?How to See Most Played Song on Spotify

Here’s how you can see the most played song on Spotify.

There are many ways to see which songs get the most play on Spotify. One would be to use the keywords, like beat or chill, then look at the popular tracks with that word in their title.

Another way is to look for data through a streaming website, like what users’ trending playlists on YouTube suggest the people are listening to. Alternatively, users can use this website to track their unique playlists, which is also very convenient.

Let’s see how to check the most played song on Spotify.

Get information about a particular album or playlist by using the command below:

You can see the most played song on Spotify from your smartphone. Just enter https://playliststats.spotifyhq. Then click Add link and add any Playlists/Albums you track in music metrics apps like What The Trend? Then search for that Playlist/Album in the Spotify web player app.

If you have a Spotify Premium account, follow this link https://playlists.spotifyhq to see the most played song among your playlists on Spotify. If you don’t want to reveal any information publicly about yourself or your friend’s listenings on streaming services like YouTube Music, so feel free only what’s available at regular browsers without signing up for social media accounts and Facebook unknowingly.


1) What is the difference between a playlist and an album?

The playlist typically contains fewer songs than an album.

2) What is the difference between a Spotify Premium subscription and a non-Premium subscription?

Spotify Premium provides song previews, album art, etc. At the same time, a non-Premium subscription is USD 9/month with limited access to all features available.

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