How to See Your Top 10 Artists on Spotify?

Spotify has got you covered, and there’s a lot to love about it. However, it doesn’t always give you the artists you want. Moreover, when you create playlists for your friends or family, Spotify usually offers you an all-inclusive list of recommendations based on what other people listen to.

But when you are creating a playlist for yourself, there are ways to make Spotify do things differently. Furthermore, Spotify allows you to see your top 10 artists, which is excellent! If you’re looking for an easy way to find out which artists are playing on Spotify, this guide will show you how to see your top 10 artists on Spotify.

Do you know that there are many ways to see your top 10 artists on Spotify?How to See Your Top 10 Artists on Spotify

Spotify makes it easy for you to see your top 5 favorite artists, especially if you are familiar with their music. However, it is still not that simple! You can also use the “Analyze” option for this purpose.

1- Open the ‘Analyze’ menu of Spotify.

2 – Click on any playlists. With our playlist plugged in, open the analyzer for this playlist.

3 – Select a period you what to analyze.

4 – Click on Artist “Visibility” With the artist selected, click on its visibility level. A graph will appear, showing your top artists. You can even see their current plays or usage volume, relative to others on Spotify.

5 – Select your Top 10 artists

6 – Enjoy and tell the other friends and family members about this useful Spotify tool. This guide should be helpful for you to see your top 10 artists on Spotify. You can even use it along with this third-party app, which has artists’ songs and related listen-able media clips.

That’s all about how to see your top 10 artists on Spotify. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy the music!


  1. What does the “Analyze” option in the menu of Spotify do?

It checks your favorite artists’ social data first before showing all music information in the menu bar of Spotify.

  1. Is there a threshold for what visibility levels mean on Spotify?

There is no threshold right now, but Spotify will provide you with all the information about famous artists at the moment.

  1. How can you separate an artist’s currently played and contemporary plays on Spotify?

It is easily possible with this third-party app. Go to Spotify, then install the “Top 10 Artists” App.

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