How to Shuffle Play on Spotify PC?

If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you have the option to shuffle playlists. But in addition, shuffling playlists on Spotify PC is slightly different from shuffling playlists on your phone. Another reason, the buzzy shuffle play feature of Spotify PC is getting a little too much attention, and it’s starting to feel like the only thing you can do with it is let your favorite songs repeat endlessly.

Moreover, the player will shuffle all the tracks in your library that are not currently playing. Also, the problem is that this feature has become something of a novelty, and most people aren’t even sure how to turn it on.

Do you know that there are various ways to shuffle playlists on Spotify?How to Shuffle Play on Spotify PC

This article talks about the different shuffling playlists in a playlist and how you can do it on Spotify PC.

  1. Shuffling By Album: This can be done by going to a playlist view and pressing shuffle on the right side.
  2. Adjacent Tracks: Some list views have a button similar to that for the next track, or “Next,” where you can specify how far from tracks in your library you want them shuffled.

Moreover, this option in shuffle will create a continuous set of shuffled tracks instead of separate groupings. An example that you can apply in this regard is creating long playlists randomly by album number, where when someone listens without a name, there is a good chance they’ll hit the desired playlist.

  1. Album And Track Shuffling: There are no particular settings to make, nor any exceptional views with a button to do it on. For this shuffling method, you must fill up all ten tracks that will be played before starting from 1 again -or- from 5. It means your shuffle start point should come from the chapter.

To conclude, it is very flexible and totally up to your choice.


1) Is there a way to shuffle playlists by shuffling tracks in individuals?

Yes, in the “Shuffle” field of the playlist manager, you can manually shuffle tracks.

2) What happens if the next track button is not present, as it’s different for every playlist view?

In this case, you can use it to listen to other tracks and skip forward and backward.

3) Where would a shuffle button be on a player? On the cover, in album art view?

The shuffle button would be on the player in artist view, which you can toggle with the red button.

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