How to fix the “Plex streaming this media is unsupported” error?

Do you have a plex media server? Then, make sure that your server doesn’t face any issues while streaming videos. This is because the server may undergo certain technical problems that can affect the streaming. If you get a” Plex streaming this media is unsupported” error message, then you should know how to fix the issue properly. This will help a lot to stream videos with high accuracy.

Solutions to the “plex streaming this media is unsupported” error

1. Delete old devices

Plex allows you to connect several devices to your account. On the other hand, the media player may stop working if you are using many devices. Therefore, you should check whether your account has multiples of the same devices. Sign in to your Plex account and locate the added devices properly. You can delete the specific devices from your account by clicking the red X option. However, you need to sign in again to your account to restore the access.

2. Change transcoder settings

Plex media server requires high processing power to run videos efficiently. You need to change transcoder settings to stream videos. You should also change the default settings to match the performance of your CPU. Go to Home Menu and select settings to change the transcoders.

3. Downgrading the server

The” plex streaming this media is unsupported” error may occur when you upgrade the media server to a new version. This is because some files fail to play while upgrading the server on Windows. Hence, you should consider downgrading your server that will help gain more advantages.

4. Add AC3 code to plex

Plex media server may have unsupported formats that are not available for direct playback and you should add AC3 code. You have to follow the instructions properly to perform this procedure that will help access files with ease.

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