Solutions to the Plex media server keeps shutting down problem

Plex media server may undergo frequent crashes that will result in various problems and users should evaluate them with more attention. S

ome of the possible reasons for the Plex server crashing include the disappearance of the Plex icon and Plex Media Server.exe disappears from the processes list from the task manager.

Users should know the troubleshooting techniques when the Plex media server keeps shutting down that will help restore the conditions to a large extent.

How to fix the Plex media server keeps shutting down problem?

How to fix the Plex media server keeps shutting down problem

1. Evaluating the possible causes

Plex users should evaluate the causes for the server shut down problem. The main reason for the crashing of Plex media server is due to network issues such as mswsock.dll.

It mainly occurs due to interference from Malware or adware DLLs. Some exhaustive DLLs may interfere in the past and a Plex user should know more about them in detail.

2. Searching for DLLs

Those who are experiencing repeated shut down problems should search for DLLs listed in a system earlier. This, in turn, gives ways to reduce the issue significantly that will help get the desired results.

3. Uninstalling related programs

Plex users can search for the DLLs in search engines. For example, typing PCProtect.dll in Google will help a user to find the program that is responsible for DLL.

The next step is uninstalling them via the control panel. If anyone is not able to perform the same, then they should gather information from different sources.

4. Resetting Windows PC stack

The final step is resetting the windows PC stack after removing the offending DLL. Plex users who face Plex media server keeps shutting down issue can follow the above steps that will help improve the functions.

Moreover, they show ways to access media files such as movies, music, and videos from a library without any hassles.

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