Solve Windows Media Player Cannot Play the File

The Windows media player is an evasion player of every Microsoft working system. Some operators are spending dissimilar media players but some are immobile using Windows evasion media player.

One of their workers described a tricky with the television player. When he needs to show an exact film file, he fixes not total an error.

Windows media player cannot play the file. Here in this thing, we will display you how to fix this mistake memo.

So let’s dive into the guide.

Windows Media Player Cannot Play the File

Here we listed a few ways to solve the error. Follow the guideline below:

Download Codec Mechanically

Windows Player chains a wide variety of audio and film set-ups. But your drive ultimately ends up in a file kind that is not maintained.

You can repair this by shaping the program to mechanically download pertinent codecs.

Explore the Tools option and click Ctrl + M if you don’t find the menu saloon. Then click on Options.

Download Codec Mechanically

Under the options menu, choose Player and squared the box next to Download codec automatically. Choice Apply and Ok to accept your variations.

Try to play the media file that the error still runs.

Use Right Audio Output Device

Sometimes this kind of error happened for the incorrect audio production device. You can undo this by going to WMP selections.

First, go to the Tools option and choose the Options menu. Shift to the Devices key. In the device unit, select Speakers and choice the Properties key.

Use Right Audio Output Device

Select a similar replay device and select the Speaker image on the system menu.

Use Right Audio Output Device

Choice Apply and OK to save the program. Tray to play the audio file and watch if that aided.

Up to Date Windows 10

The newest Windows informs don’t just come with features. But they also aid fix software-linked subjects that stop your CPU from being employed properly.

Follow the below step for updates.

Explore Start option and choice Settings. Choice updates and Security and jump to the Windows Updates key.

Choice Check for Updates.

Windows Media Player cannot play the file because your computer does not have the required video codec installed

If you find any updates then choose Download and install.

Final Words

In detail, it is the application accountable for running software content on PC for an extended time. Though, occasionally the scheme gives a cautionary note.

This note specifies that the file cannot be frolicked. Well, in this column we will see how to fix this irritating error.

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