Fixing ”TV shows not showing up in Plex” error

Plex media player users can face several problems and they should know how to overcome them properly. They should evaluate the reasons for technical errors to fix them as soon as possible.

The media player doesn’t show recently added shows due to certain issues. Anyone who sees the “tv shows not showing up in Plex” error should know how to solve the issue from different sources. It starts with an unsynced database in the Plex library that will display the error.

Solutions to the” tv shows not showing up in Plex”

Plex has a library that contains Metadata which plays an important role in refreshing files after scanning. That means it goes through a scanning process to add new Metadata. It is necessary to make sure that the content is visible in any particular directories.

1. Naming files properly

Plex users should create nested folders for every show, season, and episode. If the shows are broken into multiple files, then they should name them properly with show name, season number, and episode number. On the other hand, not all TV shows fit into the above format and the Plex player will gather them as metadata from different sources.

2. Editing Metadata manually

Plex users should scan the media automatically to get a well-organized library of accurate Metadata. However, they may miss a TV show that will get spoiled and manual editing will help a lot to solve the problem. Users can edit metadata with the Plex web app to find the piece of data when they want to fix it.

3. Refresh flex library

Those who get a message “tv shows not showing up in Plex” error should refresh the library by scanning all recent changes made by them. Then, the server will collect data quickly to show the details of files.

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