What are the ways to fix ”Unable to connect to Plex server”?

Plex media player sometimes fail to connect securely that will result in various issues when users like to watch movies, TV shows, etc. Several factors are responsible for the “unable to connect to Plex server “error message and users should know more about them in detail to fix the same as soon as possible. Not only, it will help a lot to run the server with high efficiency.

How to fix” unable to connect to Plex server”?

1. Outdated Plex app

Outdated Plex app may lead to connection problems and users should consider updating the app. It is wise to download the latest version of the app to minimize unwanted issues. Apart from that, users should have an updated media server to establish a secure connection.

2. Checking VPN

Virtual Private Network, shortly known as VPN, is widely today to access the internet with more safety. On the other hand, it will hide the original location of a user and he/she should switch off the installed VPN service. Moreover, it is necessary to off the router’s VPN as well.

3. Same network

Using the Plex app and Plex media player on the same local network will display the” unable to connect to Plex server” error message. Hence, users should check they are working on an identical subnet to overcome the problem and enter the subnet properly.

4. Active mode

Plex server won’t work at all and users should check the server status to know that it is running actively. This, in turn, gives ways to experience a secure connection which will help avoid unwanted problems.

5. DNS rebinding

Plex users should make sure that a modem or router supports DNS rebinding because it plays a key role in providing a secure connection. They should check whether modern modems or routers support DNS rebinding while installing them.

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