VLC Could Not Read the File -Bad File Descriptor

You may meet VLC could not read the file for bad file descriptor. VLC Media Player is one of the greatest broadly used programs and is usually known around the world.

The skill of this value to play multiple formats has made it more popular among users. Also, this media player chains online streaming which is talented of changing to language.

If VLC could not read media file and get fixed bad file descriptor in VLC, here you will find rapid and enduring solution.

So let’s get started.

VLC Could Not Read the File -Bad File Descriptor

Here are a few ways to fix this problem.

Change the VLC Setting

If you meeting a bad file account error while opening Media in VLC, you may need to change its settings.

First right press on the file that you are trying to open in VLC player and select Properties.

VLC Could Not Read the File -Bad File Descriptor

Go for the Security option and press Advance.

Click the Change option next to the owner’s name.

VLC Could Not Read the File -Bad File Descriptor

Then press Advance.

In the next window, Press Find Now from the right.

Choose an administrator with the name of the desktop and click OK. Select User or Group Press Enter to close the window.

VLC Could Not Read the File -Bad File Descriptor

Now, click Apply in the Advanced Security Settings window and when a pop-up appears, press Enter on your keyboard.

Then close the window by pressing the OK key. Also, close the Stuff Conjurer.

VLC Could Not Read the File -Bad File Descriptor

Press Edit when you return to the properties.

Highlight the Administrators option under the Username section.

To save the changes, check all the deny options and click Apply and then OK. Make sure the consent is checked in all consents.

Once done, the VLC file should run smoothly as this disease works well for most patients.

Change the Choice of Video Output

Often the color of the video state is perhaps a bit gray because VLC users are skilled file descriptors. If your video card is installed on the board’s computer, here’s how to fix it –

Open VLC media player. Press Tools and then choice Preferences.

When it appears, shift to the Video tab. Select OpenGL Video Output from the Output drop-down menu.

Save this setting to sign better image quality and restart VLC Media Player.

Run a Complete Scheme Scan

The latest method to troubleshoot a bad file description problem.  To track a filled image of your scheme and verify any malware records that are moving your scheme.

If you don’t know about this kind of antivirus software, you go for Windows Defender which is installed with Windows OS.

Also, you can use extra antivirus soft like K7, Avast, and Quick Hill to examine your CPU and eliminate worms from your scheme.


You get very annoyed once you catch this fault again and again and always look for habits to solve the tricky.

So, above I have provided some simple ways to solve the problem from my own experience and I hope it will definitely help you to solve the problem.

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