Where Does VLC Save Recorded Video

When you record a video in VLC player but you don’t know where the recorded video save in Vlc? It a worrying thing because if you don’t know the folder you can’t find the video.

That’s why in this tutorial we answer you where does VLC saves recorded video. It’s not so hard to learn, just walk on the right track.

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Where Does VLC Save Recorded Video

By evasion, all recorded video and shade footages, counting VLC, will be saved in a video file on your scheme drive.

Default footage calendar and track in Windows 10 is C: / User/filename/videos. However, we can change the evasion record trail for VLC actor videos.

If you want to change the video folder in VLC, go for the Tools menu, click Preferences.

Where Does VLC Save Recorded Video

After all these a new windows comes and go to Input/Codecs then Files and Record directory or filename.

It is empty by evasion and all film footages will be kept in the evasion filmed recording trail labelled in the previous section.

If you want to save the video footage to a fresh folder, press the Browse key to choice a new manual as the filmed footage folder.

Where Does VLC Save Recorded Video

Lastly press the save key to alteration the method the VLC television actor protects the evasion video footage.


Can I record video with VLC?

In adding to live various video files, the able VLC player can greatest whatever it can play. You can custom VLC to the greatest film from DVD to your solid drive.

Detention flowing video from the Internet and greatest screen seizure video on your computer desktop.

Does VLC screen capture record audio?

First exposed the VLC actor and press on the “View” menu and choice “Advanced Controls”.  To brand it stronger, VLC lone lets us to detention the shade and it does not record audio.

Or voice mechanically during this activity. But don’t worry.

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