Windows Media Player library Not adding files

The newest Windows Media Player was free many years ago and has not established any informs since. Although it immobile works with numerous file setups, it doesn’t grow any informs as an app.

Which types it a slight wobbly at times. One problem skilled by users is that they can’t get the tunes, Windows Media Player library not adding files.

This appears to be a general problem, however, the decent news is, and it can be stable. Let’s know how to solve Windows Media Player Library not adding files.

Windows Media Player library Not adding files

It is imaginable that you are not ensuing the stages properly. Although Windows has complete it very easy, we’ll share the ladders once.

Add Media File

At first, add the music you want to listen to in the windows media player in a file. Title the folder Songs.

Explore media player and press on Library Key.

Windows Media Player library Not adding files

Manage libraries down Group and choice music there. Select that choice if you are annoying to enhance a video.

Windows Media Player library Not adding files

Tap on Add key and select the tune folder here. Press OK when the process finish.

Windows Media Player library Not adding files

When I chief add tunes, Windows Media Player bombs to know the artist’s title and extra facts. Future, it starts drawing metadata and additional information from files and maybe from the net.

So if you add a portion of songs, take certain period to inform the file. You can see growth in actual time as labels and additional data are noticeable.

Windows Media Player library Not adding files

Update and Restart

Just rebooting the pc can solve many errors but earlier we do that, let’s checked if there are some informs to come to be connected.

To test this, exposed the settings by clicking the Windows + I on your console and choosing Update and Security.

You’ll discover all obtainable updates below the Windows Update tag on the left-hand. If not, tick the squared for informs key and install any obtainable updates.

When done, restart your processer and checked if you can enhance files to the Windows Media Player library.

Use Troubleshooting

Go to the Setting menu and search for Troubleshoot menu and choice Troubleshoot settings.

Find the windows store apps. Then start the troubleshooter for this and maintain display instruction if there is a fault.

Windows Media Player library Not adding files


Windows media player is a dense app. Though, better choices are obtainable in the shop. If you quite want to using this app but can’t enhance songs to the archive.

One of the answers above will benefit you.

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