Solve Windows Media Player Server Execution Failed

If you open a video file with a windows media player, you may get a fault memo that a server execution failed. And you can do nothing but tap OK to stop the error pop-up.

Windows player is a built-in media in Windows 10. Which is typically bug-free but occasionally it can display lethal mistakes like the upstairs.

But why does media player satire performance shows botched error. Well, there could be a number of reasons, such as malicious files or conflicts with third-party apps.

So without killing any period, let’s solve the windows media player server execution failure mistake with the tutorial recorded below.

Windows Media Player Server Execution Failed

Here we listed few ways to fix this problem. Follow the step below.

Close Windows Media Player in Task Manager

Click Ctrl +Shift + Esc button composed to explore Task Manager. Then Right press on Windows media player and select End task.

Windows Media Player Server Execution Failed

Restrict System Distribution Service

Tap on the search box and search Services. When the menu appears tap on it for open service manager.

Windows Media Player Server Execution Failed

Find windows media player network share service and dual press on it. Fix Startup type as Disabled.

Tap on Apply and press the OK button.

Start again your computer and try to open the sleeve again in windows media player.

Use Apps Troubleshooter

Use Apps Troubleshooter

Meanwhile windows media player is a PC Store app. Windows app store can be obliging in recognizing and deciding troubleshooting issues.

Tap on the Start key then tap on the gear icon to open the Setting menu. Go for Updated and Security then tap Troubleshoot.

Choose a Windows app troubleshooter and route it. Then Restart the scheme.

Install Media Player Again

Install Media Player Again

Windows media player is a nose of windows and not a mere outside program. Here is how to reinstall the windows media player.

Click Win + R to run the windows. Click the search box and write Control Panel and tap Enter to open.

Go for Program and Features. Then choice Seizure windows structures on or off. Roll to find Media features and open the list.

Uncheck the box consistent with the Windows media player. Finally, Restart the scheme.


Each time you catch a “Server Execution Futile” fault on your computer, the way we mentioned above will help you to solve it. Hope this guide can be helpful for you.

If you have any questions then feel free to tell us.

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