Fixing “Plex there was an unexpected error loading the dashboard” error

Plex media player may face several troubles and users should know how to fix them properly that will help to get the best results. A dash board is a window that will display details of Plex media player such as top users, bandwidth usage, play history, etc. Users can also see what is being played from the server. At the same time, they will get “Plex there was an unexpected error loading the dashboard” error message that results in various problems. Therefore, it is important to solve the same as soon as possible to restore the functions.

How to fix “Plex there was an unexpected error loading the dashboard”?

1. Checking the Plex Dash server

Plex dash server may become down which will display the message that there is an error in loading the dash board. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem as soon as possible by logging into the account after few minutes.

2. Data connection not working properly

Sometimes, Plex users may face data connection problem that results in an error. Hence, they should check whether the connection works properly or not. This will help a lot to overcome the error that gives ways to load a dash board with high efficiency.

3. Wrong login credentials

Wrong login credentials may lead to Plex there was an unexpected error loading the dashboard” error message. Users should check that they have entered the correct details when they want to login into an account.

4. Checking third-party networks

Plex users should check that the third-party networks they are using work correctly by visiting their official websites. By doing this, they can avoid the error.

5. Checking the account details

Plex users should check whether their accounts are active or not because they may get deactivated or banned due to certain problems.

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