Solutions to the “movie not showing up in Plex” error message

Plex media server allows users to watch movies with high accuracy. At the same time, it may encounter some issues due to technical errors or other factors. Therefore, it is necessary to understand them in detail that will help solve the issues quickly. If anyone is facing a “movie not showing up in Plex” error, then he/she should know how to fix the same. This, in turn, gives ways to enhance the efficiency levels significantly.

How to fix ‘movie not showing up in flex” error”?

1. Naming and organizing files

Some file items are not able to find in the Plex media server during a library scan. Although Plex scanner is quite robust and does a good job even with content which don’t require any recommendations. On the other hand, it may need help sometimes to name and organize the content in a proper way. Users must follow the naming and organization recommendation to access a movie without any difficulties.

2. Excluded content

Plex media will ignore and exclude certain content automatically and users should aware of them properly to overcome the problem. It is important to know the types of content and disk images that will get rejected by the Plex.

3. Archived content

Plex media servers don’t support content that is inside an archive container. Therefore, one should consider extracting the content to convert them into a standard file format which helps to access a movie with ease.

4. Restricted permission

Plex media server will display a “movie not showing up in Plex” error due to permission issues. This is because the user account should provide “permission” to access the content. It is important to make sure that the server permits content without any restrictions. Users can fix the problem as soon as possible when they want to view a movie.

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