How to Crop Video in VLC Player

Crop video in VLC media player is very significant and easy.  People don’t know how to do this in VLC.

That’s why they say cropping video in VLC player is not working. VLC is a suitable player which offers many purposes for video erasure similar to crop video.

For those who don’t know how to crop videos, we share a tutorial to help them. At the present, it’s time to learn the process.

How to Crop Video in VLC Player

At first run the VLC player on your device? Press the Media menu and explore the Open file option or press (ctrl + o).

How to Crop Video in VLC Player

When the video selection is complete look forward to the Tools menu and press effect and filters.

After exploring the effect and filters new windows come out here you select Video effects and go to the Crop option.

Enter the exact standards right and left side pixel box. Showing the film to additional regulate that you can censor out unsolicited portions.

How to Crop Video in VLC Player

To accept the crop video file go to the Tools menu and click the Preference selection.

After the preference window come check the All box, it helps you to see the advance option. Then find Video double press it and click Filters and then Croppedd. Now type the earlier pixels in the crop box menu.

How to Crop Video in VLC Player

Again go to Video then filters and check the video filtering box. Lastly, press the Save button to change the setting.

After all this return to the hope menu and go to the Media menu and press Convert/Save.

How to Crop Video in VLC Player

When the new window comes just press the Add button to select video at crop list. Then press Edit and go to video codec and Filter.

Finally, click the “Browse” key to control the stowing site and the “Start “key to save the cropped film to VLC.

Final Word

Although VLC Player can show the greatest typical records and to chains rudimentary video excision. This is not yet an exact tool that sees all excision supplies.

Associated to the next answer, VideoProc, VLC is not relaxed to achieve. Waste of any neglect will outcome in dull and compound rebuilding.

If you essential an extra straight, and lot method to crop, change, or convey your film records, VideoProc is extra appropriate for you.

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