How to make a collaborative playlist on Spotify

Spotify is a music platform that allows users to stream music rather than download it. This can be done on desktop or mobile devices, and the service works with both free and paid accounts. Spotify also offers an ad-support version for those who are not willing to pay for their tunes.

To use Spotify, all you need is an account which will be linked to your phone number or email address making it easy to share playlists with friends. The app also makes recommendations based on what you have listened to in the past giving users access to more diverse genres of music.

This post will teach you how to make a collaborative playlist on Spotify. Collaborative playlists are an awesome way to share your favorite music with friends or family, and they can be created in minutes!
Collaborative playlists are not only great for sharing your favorite songs, but also for making memories. Make one with your best friend before winter break ends!

Few steps to make a collaborative playlist on SpotifyFew steps to make a collaborative playlist on Spotify

1. Open Spotify on your computer, phone, or tablet
2. Click “Add Playlist” and name the playlist
3. Add songs to the playlist by clicking “+” next to an artist’s name
4. Type in a song title you want to add from the search bar at the top of the screen
5. Drag-and-drop any song into your playlist by hovering over it with your mouse cursor and then dragging it onto one of the empty slots below that are labeled alphabetically (A, B, C…)
6. Repeat this process until you have finished creating your collaborative playlist!

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Conclusion paragraph: Creating a collaborative playlist on Spotify with friends or colleagues is an excellent way to create music that everyone in the group likes. If you’re not sure how, we’ve provided some steps below. These are just few of many ways to share and collaborate your favorite songs! After following these simple steps, be sure to invite all your collaborators into the playlist so they can add their own favorites too!

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