How to move Plex library to another computer?

Plex library allows users to add multiple folders when they want to include movies in several hard drives. On the other hand, it is necessary to know how to use the same properly that will help achieve the best results. Anyone who wants to move Plex library to another computer should follow certain instructions properly that will help meet essential needs. Apart from that, they allow users to perform the task with ease.

Instructions to follow to move Plex library to another computer

Instructions to follow to move Plex library to another computer

1. Preparation

The first step is disabling the emptying of trash and stop the Plex server so that it is no longer running. However, it is important to scan libraries either automatically or periodically before performing the activity. The next step is to copy the content to the desired location.

2. Updating Plex media server configuration

Plex users should consider updating their media server configuration properly. They should know whether the content is available in the new location and should start the server as soon as possible. The next step is launching the Plex web app to know whether the libraries are available or not.

3. Editing libraries

To update the content location for the media, Plex users should consider editing a library and then add the appropriate folder where the content is now located. It is necessary to do the same for each library.

4. Updating libraries

One should consider scanning the files after adding new a new content folder. The server will examine the contents of the new location that help a lot to associate with the existing media items in a library.

5. Removing old content location

Those willing to move Plex library to another computer should consider removing content location for libraries after completing the above steps successfully. At the same time, Plex users should empty the library trash to remove the entries from the old content location.

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