Solutions to the “Plex media scanner has stopped working”

Plex Media Server has a scanner that plays an important role in finding the media locations when users specify for libraries. It determines the authenticity of a file that is appropriate for a library.

The primary job of a scanner is to find the filenames and directory structure of the content. Moreover, it contributes more to find other information such as metadata. A user who encounters” Plex media scanner has stopped working” should know who to overcome the error with more attention which gives ways to enhance the functions.

What to do when the Plex media scanner has stopped working?

1. Detecting plex media scanner.exe

Plex media scanner.exe is an extension of a file name that displays an executable file. It may damage a computer and users should check the legitimacy of the Windows process.

This is because it will cause a virus or Trojan horse that can result in crashes. Therefore, users should detect any suspicious directory with certain tools such as Microsoft’s process Explorer.

2. Avoiding plex media scanner.exe

One of the best ways to avoid plex media scanner.exe is performing malware scans and cleaning the hard disk with certain applications. Users should uninstall programs when they don’t need longer.

Besides that, they should monitor any auto-start programs and enable automatic Windows update. It is always wise to make regular backups to overcome the error.

3. Repairing the operating system

Plex users should consider repairing their operating systems by typing the resmon command that causes the problem. Instead of reinstalling Windows, they should try to repair the OS on their own with other commands.

This will help avoid data loss to make sure that the Plex media scanner is functioning well. Anyone who is facing the” Plex media scanner has stopped working” error can follow the above steps to obtain optimal results.


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